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Message from The Principal

         Welcome  to  another edition  of our school newsletter,  where
         we reflect on the events and achievements that have marked
         the  Spring  Term.    As  the  season  of  renewal  and  new
         beginnings  Spring  holds  special  significance  for  our  school
         community.    Just  as  nature  bursts  forth  with  new  life  and
         promises of warmer days to come, our students continue on
         their own journey of growth and transformation.

         First and foremost congratulations to our 6th Years who have
         successfully completed their Irish and Modern Language Oral
         Exams before Easter, marking a significant milestone in their
         academic journey.  With their state exams projects underway
         and  the  June  exams  looming  on  the  horizon,  we  commend
         their dedication and hard work.  To our 6th Years and also our
         3  Years who will be sitting their Junior Certificate in June, we
         offer  our  best  wishes  for  the  months  ahead.    Remember  to
         stay calm, stay focused on your academics and revision, and
         maintain  a  healthy  balance  as  you  navigate  this  crucial
         period.  By prioritising self care, managing stress, and seeking
         support  when  needed,  you  can  minimise  anxiety  and
         approach your exams with confidence and resilience.  Please
         remember that After School Study is available throughout the
         rest of the year until the Summer Exams.

         As  we  reflect  on  the  events  of  the  Spring  Term,  we  are
         reminded  of  the  vibrant  energy  and  enthusiasm  that
         constantly permeates our school community.  From engaging
         classroom  activities  to  the  many  fun  and  interesting
         extracurricular  and  co  curricular  activities,  each  day  is  filled
         with  opportunities  for  learning,  growth  and  camaraderie.    A
         highlight  for  students  this  term  was  the  Careers  Fair  which
         was  held  in  the  Assembly  Hall  on  March  7th.  It  was  an
         incredibly  successful  night  organised  by  Mr  Kirwan,  Ms
         Fitzpatrick and Mr Leigh. Students and their parents had the
         opportunity to meet with over fifty different professions, many
         of whom were past pupils, parents and friends of the College.
         It was a night designed to inspire students and to help them to
         consider career options for the future. I would like to sincerely
         thank  all  the  contributors  for  their  time  and  sharing  their
         wisdom  and  advice  with  the  students  .    The  students
         thoroughly enjoyed the event and found it very worthwhile.
         TY students and their parents also attended a Subject Choice
         Information Evening which was a part of a week- long series
         of  events  provided  by  the  school  to  help  students  to  make
         more  informed  choices  about  their  subject  choices  for  the
         Leaving Certificate. I would like to thank Guidance Counsellor
         Ms Fitzpatrick for coordinating the events and all the subject
         teachers  and  5   Year  students  who  made  presentations
         throughout the week.
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