Page 4 - Spring Newsletter 2024
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It is heartening to witness students continuing to embrace
         the many  opportunities presented to them in DLSC  Every
         week    so  many  of  our    students  turn  up  for  training,  and
         proudly    don  the  wine  and  gold  colours  with  their  team
         mates to represent DLSC in the wide variety of sports we
         offer in the school. With the season finishing up for Football
         and Rugby, students will have the opportunity to take part
         in the new summer schedule of sport events which includes
         Athletics,  Gaelic  and  Golf.   We  continue  to  encourage  as
         many students as possible to participate in sports in DLSC.
         This term Mr O’ Neill also introduced the students and staff
         of DLSC to a completely new fun and energetic sport called
         Pickleball.    Beyond  the  physical  benefits  and  the
         enjoyment,  sport  teaches  valuable  lessons  in  teamwork,
         discipline, resilience and leadership.  Whether it is scoring a
         winning  goal  or  overcoming  a  defeat  gracefully,  each
         experience moulds character and prepares students for life
         and its challenges.

          It is also commendable to see the ongoing commitment of
         our student leaders who work on the Student Council, the
         Green Schools Committee, the Digital Leader Team and as
         Mentors and Prefects.  It was a pleasure to meet with the
         Student Council during the term, to hear their concerns and
         ideas, and to work with them on our School Improvement
         Plan. They have been busy holding clinics for the student
         body, coming up with ideas to improve school.  They also
         worked with Gertie to upgrade the lunch menus .
         The  Green  Schools  Committee  was  also  very  busy
         throughout the term with final preparations for an inspection
         by  An  Taisce  for  our  next  Green  Flag  for  Travel.    This
         dedicated,  hard  working  group  of  students  and  teachers
         await  the  result  of  their  application  for  the  Travel  Flag
         before the end of this academic year.  We wish them every

         During  this  Spring  Term  the  TY  Digital  Leaders  planned
         and delivered a series of excellent workshops  to 1st Year
         Students.  This  impressive  group  of  young  leaders  taught
         students skills they would need to complete CBAs in 2nd &
         3rd  Year,  including  study  skills  techniques  and  time
         management  skills.  They  also  delivered  a  workshop  on
         Cyber Bullying and Online Safety.
         Our Fifth Year Mentors also organise a table quiz and other
         social events for our First Years making sure that everyone
         was  included  and  having  fun.  I  would  like  to  thank all  the
         Mentors and Prefects who have helped out at all the Parent
         Teacher  Meetings  and  Parent  Evenings  throughout  the
         year.  This  Term  we  were  delighted  that  our  2nd  year
         Business  Enterprise  Competition  Entrants  came  3rd  place
         in their category. Well done to Jack, Levente and Zsombor
         on a fantastic achievement. Thanks to  Ms O’Sullivan and
         Ms  Gallagher  for  guiding  these  three  students  so  well.    I
         have no doubt that participation in these endeavours helps
         students develop life and leadership skills and contributes
         significantly to their holistic development paving the way for
         a fulfilling and successful future.

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