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Student Council

         This term had started with an opportunity to meet with Ms Foster regarding issues

         highlighted by the Student Council Clinic. It was a great occasion  for both parties
         to converse. We  have  stayed  consistent  by  keeping  weekly  meetings discussing
         the present as well as recurring feedback from the student body.
         Items highlighted last year were revised to ensure that they have been delivered on
         such as medical kits and brand new library books.

         In relation to addressing problems, the Student Council has collaborated with the
         newly set up Design Club led by Ms. Kelly regarding the improvement of bathroom
         facilities.  An  Art  Campaign  is  in  the  works,  the  aim  of  which  is  to  highlight  the
         importance  of  maintaining  a  clean  environment  in  student  toilets.  This  is  in
         response to student feedback one of our recent Student Council Clinics.

         Refurbished  Canteen  menus  that  will  be  displayed  adjacent  to  Gertie's
         kitchen    have  been  designed  and  printed,  they  are  now  more  legible  and  easily
         accessible no matter where you are positioned during the lunchtime period.

         A second clinic was held on February  29th where students had an opportunity to
         approach a member of the Student Council and tell us about problems they may be
         having. As a result of feedback from this clinic, the Student Council have decided to
         work on an online survey that will be delivered via Google Docs in future as a more
         efficient  and  confidential  way  of  seeking  students'  views  on  issues  that  concern


               Green Day on 13 March in aid of
                school development.

               Thomas F Meagher Flag Raising
                Ceremony on 14 March.

               Soccer Blitz organised by 5th
                Year mentors and the Student
                Council for 1st years to be held
                from 19 - 22 March also in aid of
                school development

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