Page 10 - Spring Newsletter 2024
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World Book Day

                                                                                    By Ms N McDermott

         De La  Salle College Celebrates  World Book
         Day with a Love for Reading

         On  March  7th,  2024,  De  La  Salle  College
         immersed itself in the magic of literature to
         celebrate World Book Day. Students and staff

         participated     in    a    school-wide       Drop
         Everything and Read event, where everyone
         paused their activities to indulge in the joy of

         In  addition  to  fostering  a  love  for  reading,
         the  school  distributed  book  tokens  to

         encourage students to venture to their local
         book shop and purchase some new books.

         Throughout the day, classrooms buzzed with
         discussions about students’ favourite books,
         sharing cherished tales and inspiring others
         to dive into new literary worlds.

         World Book Day at De La Salle College was
         not  just  a  celebration  of  literature  but  a
         reminder  of  the  transformative  power  of
         words. By encouraging reading and fostering
         a culture of literary appreciation, the school
         continues to nurture a community of lifelong
         learners and avid readers.

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