Page 5 - Spring Newsletter 2024
P. 5

As  Principal  nothing  brings  me  greater
            satisfaction  than  to  witness  our  students
            blossom     into    the   best     versions    of
            themselves.  It fills me with pride to see them
            not only excel academically but also grow into
            more  socially  aware,  compassionate  and
            resilient individuals.  Watching them embrace
            challenges, learn from mistakes, and become
            wiser with each experience is truly rewarding.
            This transformation is made possible in De La
            Salle College by the dedication and hard work
            of our caring staff and the unwavering support
            of  the  Board  of  Management.  Their  tireless
            efforts  and  commitment  to  our  students’
            success  serve  as  the  foundation  upon  which
            our  school  community  thrives.  In  particular  I
            would  like  to  thank  all  the  staff  involved  in
            Seachtain  Na  Gaeilge  and  Catholic  Schools
            Week held during the Spring Term.
            As we enter the final term, our focus naturally
            shifts  towards  academic  pursuits,  with
            students preparing diligently for Summer and
            State Exams. I urge all parents and guardians
            to  join  with  us  in  supporting  their  efforts,  by
            creating   conducive     study    environments,
            minimizing  distractions  such  as  phones  and
            gaming and encouraging dedicated study time
            or  participation  in  After  School  Study  in  the
            college.  Together  let  us  ensure  our  students
            have     every    opportunity     to    succeed
            academically  and  continue  their  journey
            towards  becoming  the  best  they  can  be.
            Again,  I  extend  my  heartfelt  thanks  to  each
            member  of  our  school  family  –  parents/
            guardians,  staff,  the  Board  of  Management,
            the Parents  Association and  our  students for
            their  ongoing  dedication  and  commitment  to
            I  hope  you  enjoy  reading  the  Spring  2024
            Newsletter.  Special  thanks  to  the  editorial
            team  and  to  all  the  students  and  staff  who
            wrote articles for this edition.

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